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Bastia, The Angels and Demons of San Fiorenzo

San Fiorenzo Church: The “caricatures” of the poor people’s Bible light up the walls Slippery snakes twist all over the place. They are huge and fat and they bite the three men in the head. Blood gushes out and they die. One of them has a hat on and seems to be dragging himself forward. […]

Food and Wine in the Monregalese… where food means tradition!

A journey through the Monregalese is not just a feast for the eyes and ears but one which enhances your sense of smell and taste. Experiencing Italian gastronomy unfolds in many places:  in a tavern or restaurant, a bakery, a wine cellar or at the outdoor food market stall…. tasting a piece of alpine cheese, […]

Panchine Giganti (Big Benches)

Chris Bangle’s giant bench phenomenon: they’re everywhere! See the list below. The fact that humans are infinitesimal compared to the universe is not exactly a new concept, but American Chris Bangle had a brilliant idea of just how to illustrate it. In Dogliani, Clavesana, Carrù, Piozzo, Farigliano and many other places in the Langa you […]


Carrù Ox’s fair is one of the most important and famous fair of the region. Thanks to this tradition, many turists come every year to attend the event.

Food and flea markets

There are fruit boxes, you can breathe the smell of good things. The intense chatter, of life. They are food and flea markets. The city’s commerce carries a heavy history, perhaps as old as the world itself, or at least since the peasants started to come to town, some to sell something, some to see […]


On the tracks of Islafran The itinerary leads in a wide loop through places linked to the presence of the Garibaldian formations of Islafran or of the GL partisans of the Monte Bram band.In the spring of 1944, in this area of the Langhe, formations characterized by the presence of Slavs and French had been […]


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