Il Giro del Marguareis -Hiking Trail

Il Giro del Marguareis -Hiking Trail 🏃‍♂️ Curvy and windy slopes suddenly give way to steep, deep abysses. Baren and dry lunar landscapes are followed by lush, green forests. Mountain streams play hide and seek, running underground and then unexpectedly gushing up into daylight. This is how the beauty of the Ligurian Alps presents itself, […]


THE SANCTUARY, DEDICATED TO THE REGINA MONTIS REGALIS, LEAVES YOU ENCHANTED, WITH ITS FRESCOED ELLIPTIC CUPOLA, THE LARGEST ONE IN THE WORLD The history of the Sanctuary of Vicoforte began in 1594, although the legend of how it became to be began some fifty years prior, when a wayside shrine dedicated to the Madonna was […]

Mondovì, Infinite Wonder

The 3D journey, Infinitum, inside the Mission Church… where technology and art meet. Put on your futuristic 3D VR (virtual reality) glasses. Yes, in church! In Mondovì you can do. And, through these lenses you’ll see everything in a new, amplified way! You can paint with and meet Andrea Pozzo “in person”, the artist who, […]

Bastia, The Angels and Demons of San Fiorenzo

san fiorenzo
San Fiorenzo Church: The “caricatures” of the poor people’s Bible light up the walls Slippery snakes twist all over the place. They are huge and fat and they bite the three men in the head. Blood gushes out and they die. One of them has a hat on and seems to be dragging himself forward. […]

Mondovì, The Museum of Ceramics

Where you discover the artisanal tradition of the Monregalese. The productive and industrial history of Mondovì is inextricably linked to ceramics. Numerous important ceramic manufactures were active here in the 20th century, including the “Vecchia Mondovì” Besio factory, the Richard Ginori factory and the Beltrandi factory. Welcome to the Museum of Ceramics! Located in the […]

Mondovì – The Belvedere Tower… A great starting point!

Belvedere- A beautiful view over the Monregalese. Mountains, hills and plains for as far as the eye can see! From here you have a breathtaking view of the Monregalese territory as well as the Ligurian Alps and Monviso, the highest mountain in the province of Cuneo. You can also see the first slopes of the […]


On the road that goes from Valcasotto to Garessio, you will find the magnificent Casotto Castle, the Savoy Royal Palace built by Carlo Alberto on the remains of an ancient monastery and used on many occasions by Vittorio Emanuele II during his hunting trips. For many years the castle was considered the “sleeping beauty” in the woods, but […]

Mondolé Ski

Four ski resorts unite to make one large ski area with more than 130 km of slopes and four main access points When winter arrives in the mountains of the Monregalese, one’s mind immediately turns to skiing and to the many small to medium-sized ski areas that have sprung up over the years between meadows […]

The “Balconata di Ormea” – Hiking Route

The “Balconata di Ormea” hiking route 🚴‍♂️🚶‍♂️ The route leads through abandoned hamlets as well as settlements that are inhabited all year long, past centuries-old chestnut trees, wayside shrines, alpine pastures and hidden lakes. The “Balconata di Ormea” is a 40 km long panoramic hiking trail that runs on the left side of the Tanaro […]

The Upper Salt Road “Alta via del sale” – Hiking Route

🚴‍♂️ 🚶‍♂️🚗🏍 On foot, by bike or with 4-wheel drive vehicles For some, it’s the most spectacular gravel road in Europe, but for everyone, this former military road “Monesi-Tenda” is a highlight that you can enjoy step by step or with every turn of the pedal. The 40-kilometer panoramic route winds its way along the […]

Food and Wine in the Monregalese… where food means tradition!

A journey through the Monregalese is not just a feast for the eyes and ears but one which enhances your sense of smell and taste. Experiencing Italian gastronomy unfolds in many places:  in a tavern or restaurant, a bakery, a wine cellar or at the outdoor food market stall…. tasting a piece of alpine cheese, […]

The great cheeses of the Monregalese

Monregalese cheeses – Raschera, Murazzano, Bra, Toma… a centuries-old tradition! Cheese is a staple food of this farming community and is closely linked to the territory that gives it its identity. Like with wine, with its types and colors, smells and taste, one also describes cheese from the area from which it originates. The process […]

Mondovì, Piazza Maggiore

Piazza Maggiore, the Main Square of this Historic City Piazza Maggiore was the center of the political and administrative life of the Monregalese, and gave its name to this quarter – the old town with the most magnificent and oldest buildings. The square has a strange shape. It is on two levels, connected by a […]

Mondovì Breo, an Automation and a Dolphin

Mondovì Breo, the Church of San Pietro e Paolo In the Breo district of Mondovì the Church of Saints Peter and Paul stands on the square named after them. The baroque façade of the church is a distinguishing feature in Mondovì, above all because of the automation installed above it in 1798, a mechanical moor […]

The Wonders of Crava-Morozzo Oasis

The Crava-Morozzo Nature Reserve This small oasis of peace, with its large pond, lush vegetation and a species-rich fauna, is the first Lipu (Italian bird protection league) oasis. For 40 years it has been a “resting place” for numerous animals, especially migratory birds, which take a break during their long journey south. The area covers […]

Mondovì, Up and Down with the “Fune”

The journey between lower and upper Mondovì The funicular, or “fune” for short, which connects the lower part of Mondovì, Breo, with the upper part of Mondovì, Piazza, has always held a place in the hearts of the Mondovì residents. However, for a long time the locals had to forego the emotion of a ride […]

Mondovì, the Cathedral of San Donato

Only a few steps from the green area of the Belvedere Gardens is the Bishop’s Palace (Vescovado). Here, in the tapestry room (Sala degli Arazzi), you can see an ivory crucifix attributed to Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Continue on to the Cathedral of San Donato, where the seat of the bishops of Mondovì has stood since […]

Villanova, La Grotta dei dossi

Il labirinto sotterraneo più colorato di tutti Gesù Bambino, nella grotta più colorata di tutti Immaginatevi la scena. Gesù Bambino, Maria e Giuseppe, nella grotta, anche col Bue e l’asinello. Certo non è una scena super originale, ma qui si parla di modelli in miniatura, curati artigianalmente. Ogni anno le grotte dei Dossi festeggiano il Natale […]

The “Grotte di Bossea” Caves

Grotte Bossea Frabosa
Un percorso di straordinario fascino: 2 km di gallerie con ambienti imponenti come cattedrali, macigni, colonne stalagmitiche e stalattitiche, concrezioni calcaree, laghi e torrenti sotterranei.

Sale San Giovanni, the Scent of Provence

Il regno della lavanda sulle dolci colline delle Langhe a Sale San Giovanni, dove ogni estate si ripete lo spettacolo della fioritura

Mondovicino, un mondo di shopping

Mondovicino, un mondo di shopping Dall’A6 Torino-Savona, subito dopo essere usciti al casello di Mondovì, è impossibile non vederlo. Mondovicino è la città dello shopping, con il suo elegante villaggio per le boutique outlet. Un vero e proprio “mondo” in miniatura che si trova lì, “vicino”. Il parco commerciale ha ormai tagliato e superato i […]

Balloons: Mondovì, the city that flies!

A Mondovì all’Epifania il raduno di Mongolfiere più bello d’Italia, con decine di palloni e forme speciali provenienti da tutta Europa

“Roà Marenca”: the old way from the valleys to the sea

The road that connects the Monregalese valleys to the sea is more than 100 km in length with an altitude gain of 5,000 meters. Many paths and ancient roads, handed down from generation to generation, were already used by people in the Neolithic. Then came trade and smugglers, but also soldiers and entire armies (like […]

Discovering the Ellero Valley

Discover the Ellero Valley in winter: snowshoeing, skiing and sledding What promises more adventure, fascination and romance than a dog sled ride along a snowy slope in the middle of an untouched valley… like in Jack London’s times? You can experience just this in the Ellero Valley. To organize your unforgettable tour, contact the “Antiche […]

The “Landandè” hiking trail

Sentiero Landandè circuito Monregalese
The “Landandè” hiking trail- a circular hiking trail that winds its way through the Monregalese countryside: 55 km long and suitable for everyone, rich in landscapes, culture, wine and gastronomy. Discover the “Landandè” hiking trail on 🚶‍♂️🚴‍♂️ “Landandè” is a hiking trail that can be enjoyed on foot, by mountain bike, on horseback or […]

Panchine Giganti (Big Benches)

Chris Bangle’s giant bench phenomenon: they’re everywhere! See the list below. The fact that humans are infinitesimal compared to the universe is not exactly a new concept, but American Chris Bangle had a brilliant idea of just how to illustrate it. In Dogliani, Clavesana, Carrù, Piozzo, Farigliano and many other places in the Langa you […]

«Hot-air ballons love the Monregalese because the climate is perfect»

Il Monregalese è la capitale italiana delle mongolfiere grazie a un clima particolare fatto di belle giornate e masse d’aria che si muovono in modo costante e prevedibile, perfetto per il volo ad aria calda, e a un Aeroclub con un nutrito gruppo di piloti. Intervista a Giovanni Aimo di Mondovì, il decano dei piloti aerostatici italiani.

Art in the Monregalese Langhe – cyclotourism

L'arte sulle Langhe monregalesi
Art on the Monregalese Langhe – cyclotourism 🚴‍♂️ A bike (or e-bike) tour accessible to everybody. This is an ideal itinerary for visiting the symbols of Mondovì and for savouring the landscapes of the Monregalese Langhe, embellished by the art that appears and disappears at every turn along via delle Cappelle. The itinerary passes through […]

The mediterranean alps cycle route

The sighs of the sea, the Piedmontese plain which teems with activity, the jagged outlines of the French and Italian Alps. The environments that converge in the massif of the Marguareis are many and varied, the barycentre of a fascinating and silent alpine belt which has always been rich in mule trails, sheep tracks, dirt […]

Briaglia, ancestral magic

Perhaps, more than a vibration it is a union (…) And this union, though rare, is not accidental, as the knowledge that comes from ancient worlds teaches us, when mankind was much more spiritual than now. Namely, when a perfect isosceles triangle was formed, which linked man, even if doomed by his own natural limits, […]


Cycling in Mongia Valley is an incredible experience, because this bike ride admits natural landscapes, history, culture and local traditions.


Langhe are the house of the amazing wine Dolcetto “docg”, a special and unique wine from Piedmont. This wine also tells us a story: Luigi Einaudi’s one.

The legend of Jumarre, in the cave in Bagnasco

The Baraccone cave in Bagnasco, according to an old legend, is said to be home to Jumarre, a mysteriousanimal of the local folklore. Who, among those who have admired in person the fascinating Loch Ness in Scotland, hasn’t kept his eyespeeled in order to catch sight of “Nessie” emerging from the water? The “monster” has […]


A curiosity about Ellero Valley that could excite mystery enthusiasts: in the eighties and nineties there weresome mysterious sightings of bright spheres in that area. An explanation for the phenomenon has neverbeen found. The first case dates back to 1982, when a shepherd saw a big red disk, emanating a noisesimilar to the beating of […]

Augusta Bagiennorum, Roma at the foothills of the Alps

The ruins of the ancient city, and in town a Museum with remains and reconstructions in 3D “Acta est fabula, plaudite!” C. Suetonius Tranquillus De Vita Caesarum, II – Augustus (99-100) Suetonius describes in this way the last moments of Octavian Augustus’ life in his “De vitaCaesarum”. It was the 19th of august of 14 […]


From the middle ages to the present day, a showcase for the excellence of Piedmontese cattle breeding It’s 6 in the morning. The sun has not yet risen over the hills on the horizon and already in Carrù there is a queue outside the restaurant door. It is the second Thursday before Christmas, and just […]


BETWEEN VAL CORSAGLIA AND VAL CASOTTO – CYCLING TOUR 🚴‍♂️ A simply fascinating itinerary in the foothills between Val Corsaglia and Val Casotto. In search of remote hideaways, passing through extensive woodland and picturesque mountain villages. The tour is a circuit. Departure is recommended from Bossea (836) in Val Corsaglia, where you can find parking […]


Seen from above, Morozzo looks like a whale, swimming in the green sea of the plain, with the county road that crosses it like a backbone. The origins of this village are lost in the most ancient history, from the Ligurians to the Romans. In the Civic Museum of Cuneo some testimonies are carefully preserved. […]


Three days a year, Prea, a small alpine village above Roccaforte, looks like Bethlehem.On December 24th, 26th and January 5th the village is transformed into a big living nativity scene and the narrow streets, the narrow spaces, the stones and the caves become the ideal environment to relive a tradition that, in our region, is […]

The door of the Langhe – Cycling tour

La porta delle Langhe
THE DOOR TO THE LANGHE – CYCLING TOUR🚴‍♂️ Gentle slopes make up the territory: the spectacle of the Ghigliani, the Sbaranzo and the Surie, which are the most beautiful hills to see. By way of these roads you reach Dogliani and Farigliano, and then fall back on Clavesana (where the winery is located) and Carrù, […]


A medieval village that is a little jewel And then on to Garessio: “the most beautiful hamlet in Italy”. It’s not an opinion, because the historical centre of Garessio was actually selected by the association itself, which granted the recognition, just to be clear, only to 14 places throughout Piedmont. On reaching the Square of […]

Di giro in giro: Scoprire la Valle Ellero

L’associazione Kyè+ presenta il progetto “Di giro in giro” cinque percorsi ad anello tutti da esplorare

A Day at the Seaside

L’azzBlue water and sunny skies are within your grasp: crystal clear water, beaches and a gigantic aquarium. Here are some ideas for A DAY trip at the seaside, DURING YOUR stay in the Monregalese. “The taste of salt, the taste of sea”. In the Monregalese, the mountains already have that taste of the Mediterranean Sea. […]


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